Mission Statement

Global Platinum Securities™ will strive to provide a comprehensive investment education to the future generation of passionate and intellectually curious business leaders in an ethical and socially responsible fashion.

Investment Philosophy

We at GPS believe in line-by-line, bottom-up fundamental analysis and accounting review, but center our faith and beliefs on the foundations of cash flow yield investing. We seek to minimize risk via our edge: thorough analysis of the company focus, product line, financial condition, and management team. Our typical analysis process includes:

  • Analysis of underlying business and competitive advantage
  • Macroeconomic and industry analysis
  • Valuation models based on discounted cash flow and relative valuation to determine intrinsic firm value
  • Evaluation of management ability
  • Scalability/Addressable Market analysis
  • Federal policy/Regulatory analysis

This discipline allows us to find investments with favorable risk-reward profiles so we may profit from our research. Members are divided into eight industry sectors, based on their interest. They focus on performing fundamental equity research by analyzing the underlying business model and financial strength of global companies.

The GPS CReed

We believe that ethics should take absolute precedence
and profit at the price of integrity is no profit at all.

We believe that those who have been blessed with prosperity
should help those in need
and that donating time and knowledge
is more important than simply writing a check.

We believe that learning through experience
is just as important as learning the theory
and that the process of learning
should be interesting and intellectually engaging.

We believe that through friendship, 
we can learn from each other, 
and through mentorship
wisdom can be passed down so youth can learn from history.

We believe that people should be active investors
having input in their investments
learning about the companies they invest in
learning about the industries they invest in
purchasing the underlying business rather than the stock.

We believe that by doing what we love
by being well-informed
by being well-educated
by doing due diligence we can profit.